Who are Mousehole Press?

Contrary to popular belief (and some misleading marketing), we are not in fact the world's first rodent operated publishing house.

It's just me, Jack. I'm a tired parent, data wrangler and - sometimes - game designer. Here I am, trying to smile in a forest.

You can find my games over on itch.io. You might've heard of ARTEFACT, which funded on Kickstarter back in February 2020, or the currently-running ORBITAL. Or maybe you just like the little mouse logo, and you're totally indifferent to my games? That's okay too.

What's the deal?

Each month, I'll send you a short letter letting you know what I'm working on. Most of these will include early drafts of games, previews of art I've commissioned, and maybe even bounces of music that Chris is working on (if he's cool with that - I haven't actually asked him yet...).

If you're interested in understanding a little more about the creative process of making games, or at least my creative process, it could be fun!

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